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By - Natasha

Home Delivery: Single Serving Starbucks Cups

Nothing starts the day out on a positive note better than a great cup of coffee. No one knows that better than Starbucks. They built their business by providing you with great tasting coffee served just the way you want it.

Now, they have gone one step further by bringing Starbucks k cup pod products on the market so you can enjoy their coffee at home. Designed to fit your Keurig coffee machine, the Starbucks flavors you love are brewed, and in your cup, in under a minute. No more getting dressed, traveling to a Starbucks, and waiting in a line, just for a cup of joe.

They have a variety of flavors available in K-cups. Here is what we found:

Blonde Roasts

* Bright Sky Blend – with a mild nutty flavor and low acidity.
* Veranda Blend – with a hint of cocoa and nuts that are toasted to give it a soft, mellow flavor.

Medium Roasts

* Breakfast Blend – has a crisp aftertaste, bright, and light – with a bit of a tang.
* Pike’s Place Roast – teases you with a mild toasted nut and cocoa mix that is mixed to give a smooth, balanced taste.
* Columbia – has its signature balanced, nutty taste.
* House Blend – is rich in its cocoa, nutty, lively blend sure to give a kick start to your day. It comes in Decaf also.

Dark Roasts

* Sumatra – has an earthy, full-bodied taste that is laced with an aftertaste of herbs.
* Caffe Verona – lends itself to a sweet dark cocoa and balanced rich roasted taste.
* Italian Roast – has a caramel sugar flavor hidden in its full-bodied taste.
* French Roast – lets you enjoy a smoky element to a rich, bold intense taste for those who like a strong flavor.

Starbucks Plus features three blends that will give you a punch of energy quicker, as they contain double the caffeine as their other blends.

* Starbucks Plus Blonde Roast – with a hint of cocoa as well as a roasted nut lingering flavor with a mild bean taste.
* Starbucks Plus Medium Roast – is a bit heartier roast still featuring a mix of cocoa and nuts.
* Starbucks Plus Dark Roast – with that bold flavor blended with sweet dark cocoa.

Flavored Coffees for those who like to mix it up.

* Carmel – medium roast for those who want a bit of sweetness sometime during the day.
* Cinnamon Dolce – light with a bit of spice that’s nice.
* Mocha – for the chocolate lover, and you know who you are.
* Vanilla – that is smooth and light but full of flavor.
* Hazelnut – that is mellow with just enough nutty flavor to satisfy.
* Toasted Graham – flavored with cinnamon and a touch of honey. Add a touch of cocoa and have s’more.
* Toffeenut – is just the right mix of perfectly roasted nuts and delicious toffee in a rich coffee blend.
* Crème Brûlée – is a rich, creamy mixture of vanilla and braised sugar,

The K-cup Starbucks coffees can be purchased online and sent to your doorstep. Enjoy these blends, at leisure in your home. Start your day off in a great way!